A space to discover, laugh, connect & shine!

We all experience this journey around the sun in different and unique to us ways. This simple truth, in itself, is cause for celebration.

And still, sometimes we need a reminder; a little [or large] nudge to unveil our light, to reveal our heart or to give our gifts to the world. You are that gift simply because you’re you. Your dark, your light and all your in between-ness. You are meant for whole-ness and it is time to expect nothing less…

Let these cards give you that nudge. Allow these little bursts of love + inspiration to nourish, enrich, and lighten your day. Invite self-compassion, comfort and why not – even a little humour!

a card deck designed to bring you bursts of inspiration, encouragement, creativity & love.

About the deck

These cards were each handwritten with love and  pure intention to contribute  positive vibes and well-being for us and our communities.

Use these cards to simply receive a kind message, for a burst of love or to inspire a little creativity. Create loving rituals for yourself and people around you:  

  • choose a card to start your day or if you need a little pick me up to keep you going;
  • give your heart and mind something to consider before you drift off to sleep;
  • shuffle the deck, pick a card, and use it as a journal prompt or a conversation starter;
  • create fun rituals with your kids or special kids in your life, choose a card together and talk about what it means for each of you;
  • sneak one into a loved one’s bag to brighten their day.

There are so many ways you can enjoy these cards to amplify the light and joy in your life! Invite your imagination to play!

Hi there! I’m Marnie. I’m so glad you found this space and I’m thrilled to share my first set of cards with you and yours!

I bring quiet strength, deep compassion, a lot of laughs, and a heart bursting with love that wants to cast a huge spotlight on all the GREATNESS of YOU. All the magic in who you are and how you wish to be in the world.

Wherever we are in the world, when we nurture our life, relationships, and community from a place of love and compassion it will elevate our experience and that will ripple out to the people we encounter. That ripple creates more love, more compassion and more enriching dialogue. That’s a pretty great deal! 

Is life an unfolding work in progress? Always. Can it be lighter, brighter, and more meaningful? YES.

I invite you to keep an eye on this here page and join me on social media for more offerings and good vibes.